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Dave Diefenderfer
Manassas, VA

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Re: Desserts In reply to
Just saw this part of the site and would like to share my favorite dessert to make and eat. It's eclair cake it's easy to make and it is AWESOME!

2 (3.5oz) packs of instant vanilla pudding mix
1 (8oz) tub of cool whip
3 cups milk
1 (16oz) box of regular graham crackers
1 (16oz) container of chocolate frosting

1. In a large bowl thoroughly mix the 8oz cool whip,2 packs of vanilla pudding, and 3 cups of milk.
2. Using a 13x9 baking pan (I use a glass cassorole dish) put down a layer of graham crackers keeping the crackers whole to cover the whole bottom of the dish. Next cover the graham crackers with 1/2 of the mixed cool whip and pudding mix. Put down another layer of graham crackers and cover with other half of cool whip pudding mix. Put down a 3rd layer of graham crackers.
3. Using the 16oz container of chocolate frosting cover the whole top of the cake.
4. Cover with foil and place in fridge for 4 to 6 hours.
5. Enjoy!!!

1. Butter/Nonstick spray on the baking dish will keep the 1st layer of graham cracker from sticking.
2. The frosting is eaiser to spread if you place the cake in fridge for 30min to thicken up.

Hope you guys enjoy this dessert as much as I do.

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Re: Desserts In reply to
Chris, we call this dirt pudding. But instead of graham crackers were use Oreo cookies. Delicious. This is one of the desserts my friends really enjoy.