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My Cody boy

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My Cody boy
Yesterday my American Water Spaniel,my best friend for 10 years,my loyal hunting partner,died. I think part of me died with him. This wasn't unexpected,cancer is relentless. I thank God that his quality of life was pretty good 'till the end. He was a tireless hunter,well behaved in the house,playful with the grandkids,and,in spite of my bumbling,the best trained dog that ever owned me. He died next to our bed,the spot he has slept on for 10 years.
I thank God I was sitting beside him when he went. I have uncountable good memories and some photos taken
with a few cheesy cameras. I wish I'd have taken more pictures. When I got up this morning and he wasn't in his spot the reality set in. The only reason I've been able to get up at 3:30 AM,drive to the ramp,break ice if it was needed,set decoys,be out in good weather and bad,
walk for miles in woodcock and pheasant cover, was because of this dog.For the first time in my 71 years I truly
feel old. I've had dogs all my life and loved them all,but this one was special. I thank God for letting me have him as long as I did,and for reminding me how precious somethings are. R.I.P. my good Cody boy.

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