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Goose recipe

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Goose recipe
We use to only breast out geese, however, not wanting to be accused of "wanton waste", we have started using the thighs as well. There is a lot of good meat on the thighs and it is easy to skin out and remove the thighs in about as much additional time as removing the breasts. They come out great with this recipe.

10 goose thighs
1 jar favorite barbacue sauce
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
16oz mushrooms

chop onion & garlic and place 1/2 of onion, garlic, mushrooms in bottom of crock pot.
place thighs on top.
cover with remaining garlic, onion, mushrooms & top with barbacue sauce.

Start this recipe in morning before work and it is ready for diner!
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