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Hevi-Shot & Bismuth for sale!

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Hevi-Shot & Bismuth for sale!
I just cleaned out my ammo locker and found a bunch of brand new Hevi-Shot and Bismuth 12 ga. loads that I don't need anymore.


I'm sure you all know how expensive this stuff is now! I will sell it for the prices it sold for years ago. Hevi-Shot - $25 per box of 10 and Bismuth - $20 per box of 10. This was all stored properly in a dry ammo locker. Shipping will be based on how much you purchase and where it's going.

Please call me at 248 379-4201 if interested.

This is what I have:


3 boxes - 12ga./3"/#6/1 1/2oz. SOLD
6 boxes - 12ga./3"/#5/1 3/8oz. SOLD


14 boxes - 12ga./3"/#6/1 1/4oz. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
9 boxes - 12ga./3"/#4/1 1/4oz. SOLD
9 boxes - 12ga./3 1/2"/#6/1 3/4oz. SOLD
2 boxes - 12ga./3 1/2"/#2/1 3/4oz. SOLD
1 box - 12ga./3 1/2"/#6/1 3/8oz. SOLD
4 boxes - 12ga./2 3/4"/#2/1 1/4oz. STILL AVAILABLE!

Best Regards,


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Todd H: Nov 9, 2013, 5:19 AM
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Hello was wandering how much for the # 2 shots please
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