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Harry Dye duck calls

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Harry Dye duck calls
As I work through my Duck Hunter Diaries for publication (Volume Two coming soon) I am reminded of the Seattle call maker Harry Dye who made a good simple wooden call before anyone ever heard of Phil Robertson.
I remember fondly going to lunch with the editorial crew of Fishing and Hunting News in my '66 Cadillac--the lightest of us weighed over 200 and the shortest of us was over six feet--the upper limits were 300 and six-five--so it needed the Cad to carry us. All four blowing Harry Dye calls because the season was about to start. I also remember fondly going over to see Harry and having him tune our calls personally, and listen to his hunting yarns. (He hunted in one of thos low-lying speed boats with a huge engine and sparkle coat finish--totally shrouded in a camo canvas tarp with snaps down the center so hunters could sit on the floor and snap up--then pop the snaps to shoot. The best story was a wave on Potholes Reservoir that came over the bow and mounted the windshield--not quite reaching the top to spill in. But his boat made it in and a lot of guys were stranded in the dunes with swamed boats till the wind died down. Somewhere in time I lost the call, easiest blowing and duckiest I ever had. Found one at MarDon Resort gathering dust in the little store and grabbed it--Harry was long dead but I was told his partner was going to try to carry on. That was thirty five years ago and I've heard/seen nothing since, but a couple for sale as "collectors." Anyone know any more about Dye Calls?