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Tracking collars

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Tracking collars
Simple question

Most likely a complex answer

I am looking to get a new collar and want to add tracking

This will be mostly used on a retriever - so lots of water. And rough cover, thick heavy marsh cover

So. Personal reviews and experience with the Garmin Alpha vs the Sportdog TEK 2.0
claims wise - the Garmin Alpha says waterproof to 3' the sportdog says 25 (Macallan is not going that deep but is 3' enough for a dog in the water a lot?)

I am wondering about

Use in heavy cover
Ease of use -screens and such

Just missed a sale on the Sportdog - I expect it will be back before season and Garmin is offering a rebate for a while

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I can't help you on the Sportdog.

Steve got the Alpha when I left Drake with him the first year in Montana. He uses it with his girl, B, and my boy Drake out in Montana. B also wears it here in FL when we're quail and woodcock hunting and snipe hunting. The quail/woodcock areas can get pretty thick and I don't think he's ever had a problem finding B in the thick stuff. I can think of at least one place in Montana that B had the collar on and the only way to find her was by Alpha because it's a big thick cattail slough. Here in FL, B has been in and out of ponds cooling off and swimming around with it on and I know he never had issues with it during the seasons or from weekend to weekend. I thought the handheld was pretty easy to navigate around, though I don't know if Steve thinks the same. I do know the screens can be locked to a specific screen so that you don't have to go scrambling to look for the right screen when it inadvertently gets switched to another screen as you're walking out in the field, which can save your sanity.

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Re: Tracking collars In reply to
I have a Garmin Astro 320 and DC 40 collars used on hounds for hunting raccoons, the collars have been through everything ponds, rivers, you name it and they have worked flawlessly since 2011.
Not the same style that you are looking at but still Garmin.
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Re: Tracking collars In reply to

Something else to think about, Garmin is by far the most used and recommended tracking collar in the pointy dog world based (10 to 1 probably on Garmin to everything else) on the forums I've visited and questions that I've asked or from others that have asked. I know that based on my experience with the unit Steve got, and the experience that other people I know who have them, if I ever get a pointy dog, I'll be getting a Garmin to keep track of my pointy dog if they continue with the quality of service and merchandise that they currently have...

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