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Only if we could go back in time

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Only if we could go back in time
Smile Everyone of us has had that hunt of a live time. Maybe you had it with mans best friend , your dad or one of your children, or maybe even your wife. But we all have had them. Back in the early eighties my brother and I had a hot spot. This lake was a duck magnet ! hundreds of ducks and geese would visit this spot daily.
I'm telling you we would hunt this lake three times a week. The Hudson River was only a stone throw away. But these birds would hit this small Lake for what ever reason. We loved this spot so much that we built a blind with a fifty foot trap over it. With walk ways so we could sneak around the cove. We had forgotten to build a bench in it. So I tore the back seat out of my jeep and used that. We had a stove and a bathroom and a bed for my lab.
On this sunny sunny day, We set up about six in the morning with six dozen cork decoys. When first light hit we heard lots of shooting on the river. But not a single bird was on the lake. As time went by the shooting got louder on the river. But still nothing on the lake. It was about nine o'clock I started to cooking bacon and eggs on the camp stove. My brother and my dog were sound asleep as the sun was hitting them in the face. As I looked through the steam coming off the stove. I saw a pair of mallards swimming into the decoys. I didn't want to move! so I forgot to wake up both brother and dog. I grabbed my Browning BPS 10 ga and smoked both birds as they jumped. As I pulled the trigger both dog and brother jumped . With our bacon and eggs now on the ground. I sent the dog out to retrieve the mallards. As the dog hit the water a flock of Canvasbacks zoomed by the decoys, The dog just made it to the dead ducks when the Canvasbacks hit the water, Surrounding my Lab like Custards last stand. The dog swim right through the birds and they never moved. My brother was locked and loaded. When they jumped we let them have it. We sent the dog out to pick up the dead birds again. And like dejavu a flock of teal came into the decoys with the dog swimming back to shore. Once again as they jumped we took a few down. With all these action my brother was hungry, so I started to cook again. The dog wasn't hungry! because he ate the bacon and eggs that were on the ground. After about a hour I heard a loud sound of geese coming down. I got on my goose call and I called in a flock of about eight geese. We slammed those birds dropping six geese. Just after we shot my friend Burt showed up at the blind. I sent him out in the boat to pick up the dead geese. As Burt head out a flock of about fifty mallards just hit the decoys.They came out of know where. We had to wait until Burt was cleared of those mallards. Then we hammered those green heads. This went on all day, we had to stop hunting. We stayed until dark! We sent Burt out for a few beers. Yes! we put the guns away and enjoyed the rest of the day. Just watching the ducks come in. This was my hunt of a life time. Never before nor never again have I ever witnessed a day like this.
anthony sr