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Swedish Mauser

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Swedish Mauser
1917 Swedish Mauser (6.5x55) still in full military condition. With Leather Sling Cleaning Rod, Bayonet, Scabbard and Cleaning Rod Extension.
Sole modification made to the rifle appears to be the yellow paint added to the top of the safety, apparently to clearly indicate when it was on safe. Otherwise, it is in "as issued" condition.
All serial numbers on the rifle itself match.
Rifle is in overall very good to good condition Barrel is very good. No corrosion on or in the barrel or action. Full length stock has a nice patina and has original factory/military "zero" disc and sticker. Action is cock-on-close. Trigger is a military trigger, some creep then a crisp release, not a target trigger but nice. Original military sights.
The serial number on the cleaning rod does not match the rifle, but this is not unusual. Cleaning rod is stainless but has some marks and nicks, but overall good condition
Leather sling is not original but matches the rifle nicely.
The bayonet and scabbard serial numbers do not match each other, nor do they match the rifle. But from my research, it is incredible rare to find a bayonet and scabbard that matches the rifle. Scabbard has a nice patina, I have been advised not to polish it. Bayonet blade also has a nice patina and still some cosmoline. Overall good condition.
This rifle shoots fantastic. Light recoil and incredible flat shooting. Back when I shot a lot, I could keep groups in the bottom of a coke can at 100 yards with a good rest. My eyes aren't that good anymore! I've killed a number of deer with it, they dropped in their tracks and I did not need go to the bayonet Wink. I have a box of about 16 rounds premium ammo to go with it.
This a great rifle, a piece of military history and a strong shooter.
Asking $500.00 plus shipping/FFL fees. If you are interested, send me a pm.

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