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Success or Not
Well as I told you all! I was taking out a few people to plant rice and Duck Potato's . We started out on the River with 56lbs of rice and a big bag full of Potato tubers. Let me set the stage. The river was ruff as heck and the tide was going out. So we had to move fast and battle the wind and waves. I only took my oldest son with me. Because I didn't want to take a chance on getting anyone hurt. We ran into some really low water. My son jumped out with know problem walking in and planting the potato's. Then we started putting the rice out. Man did we jump a bunch of young geese in the bays. I wish it was hunting season. Anyway! after fighting the mud and tide we traveled seven or eight miles up and down the river. Man did we take a beaten from the ruff water. Not use to it this time of year. It was all good until we headed back to the launch.
When I slowed down the wind blew me into a stone wall under the water in the mouth of the boat launch. I got hung up and my son had to jump out and push us off the wall. We made it in with some damage to the bottom of the boat. But the duck will be happy come fall. So to me it was all worth it. After that we headed to a few ponds and creeks to put out more rice with the help of my sons family.

anthony sr