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Your waterfowl wealth 3.0

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Your waterfowl wealth 3.0
For anyone that is new to this fine site, I have posted a few post about your waterfowl wealth. Not what has the biggest price tag. But what waterfowl moments has made you rich in loving our sport. Was it a hunt with your Dad or your best friend. Was it hundreds of ducks landing in your decoys. Hunting with your best friend by your side. Stuff like that! We all have guns, boats, decoys etc. they just cost money. But our memories of a life time is the real money in the bank. They will not pay the bills for sure. But they will make for a great life as time goes by. Days and years past that you'll never get back. No two stories or memories are the same.
For me it was a duck hunt with two friends. On a snowy cold December day. Let me set the stage. The day before a friend of mine and I were out scouting. We set up in a spot where I knew big flocks of mallards were coming it. It was really windy and the tide was against us. Sure as my name is Anthony those birds stated coming in just like I told my friend. But the way the wind and tide was They landed back in the bay to far for us to get to them. My friend wanted to get out of the boat . So he could sneak around the whole bay to try to get those birds. I told him know! and to unload his gun we were leaving. Well ! I will not type the words he said to me. But we picked up and left. I knew these mallards were migrating and they were going to rest the rest of the evening. Told my friend to meet me at the boat launch early in the morning. And I was going to call my hunting partner Tom to be there also. After checking the weather and the tide I knew it was on in the morning. We all got there on time and we headed out to the same spot. It was snowing like heck the wind and tide was now with us. At day break a few mallards landed in the decoys. We shot all four of them. Five minutes later a few more, then a few more then a few more. There were green heads dead all over the place. Shotgun shells floating with the tide. Looking like a post card you would get for Christmas. My poor dog couldn't keep up with all the cripples and dead birds. We were limited out in just a few hours. But we didn't stop. We put the guns down fired the stove up and just watched. We could not believe our eyes. Hundreds of birds that would not stop landing in the decoys. If there was ever a time to sell are sport! that was it. I chase that dream hunt every time I go hunting.And that hunt was many many moons ago. The wealth of that story has carried me through good times and bad. The value of that waterfowl hunt only go up in wealth. It never goes down

anthony sr