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New Season Knocking At The Door

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New Season Knocking At The Door
Today it started for me, I got up really early to beat the heat. I pulled my 19 foot camp boat-deer turkey blind out of the field. It's time to start working on her for the up coming hunting season. It's a old clam boat that was modified into a duck blind and camp. The boat sleeps two , and the whole front opens up to hunt out of it. She has a two men duck blind off the rear. To tell you the truth I shot more deer and turkey's out of it then ducks. But it a great place to hang out when the birds are not flying. This year I'm stripping all the netting and camo off. Sanding all the old paint and fixing anything that may need it . Its been on the bottom of the river a few times. Both times the anchors got twisted. So I don't leave her in open water anymore. I leave it unlocked all the time. I feel if someone ever gets in trouble its a safe haven. There is heaters in the boat and I always leave food and drink in there. Yes! there are always those few that come in and steal and trash the boat. But I always look at it this way. If I can help one person from being in trouble. Then the other stuff does not matter. Hope your all having a great day.
anthony sr