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Wader seam sealer

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Wader seam sealer
Was wearing my breathables last weekend and I am pretty sure I have a small leak in the crotch area of the waders. Nothing big and nothing is that would ruin a hunt but something I would like to fix. Always used Aquaseal to fix stuff like this but it is thick. Anyone ever try a seam sealer that would be used on tents and what not? I want something that flows more like water and will get into pinholes and other areas where leaks are

Any suggestions?

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You can thin Aquaseal with toluene. You want good ventilation!

They actually sell a thinner called something like "COTOL 240" as a thinner in Fly Shops, but I don't think it contains anything but toluene. The thinned AS also sets more quickly, but you'll still have plenty of time to work.

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