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North Carolina and South Carolina Guys: please check in

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North Carolina and South Carolina Guys: please check in
It would be good if all the people on our forum affected by the hurricane would check in and let us know how they are.

I am especially concerned about Bob Petrisch who lives on the east side of New Bern, NC.

Please let us know where you are and how you are doing.

We are only going to get wind and rain on Hilton Head, neither in dangerous quantity.

Larry Eckart,
Hilton Head, SC.
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Re: North Carolina and South Carolina Guys: please check in In reply to
Just heard from Rufus, he is in Hertford, NC, on the north end of the Ablemarle Sound. He reports no damage, just wind and rain. Looks like it is turning south, and will return to the water... and follow the coast. We were unable to convince Maria's elderly parents to leave Summerville, SC, north of Charleston. I am headed to FL for vacation this weekend, and honestly thinking about towing the boat. They will be stranded I am pretty sure. Stubborn old fools!

Dave Diefenderfer
Manassas, VA

"Once you set out to build a boat, throw away your square. And if you work on her after she's launched, throw away your level." author unknown

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Re: North Carolina and South Carolina Guys: please check in In reply to
We are headed back home right now. About half way there near Greensboro. Trying to beat the rain before the storm goes north over the mountains. Little rain here but not bad and wind is fairly calm.

Wasn't exactly a vacation trip, I got a cold on the way up to TN and ended up throwing up on Thursday from a migraine and motion sickness which was terrible but Friday not I ended up in the ER. In case anyone has ever wondered about migraines they are no joke especially when you add a sinus headache from a sinus infection coupled with a tension headache make s for a painful night of no sleep. But my God was with me the whole time. I barely remember it because I was half asleep from the pain and endorphins being released I assume. My mother in law told me I told the dr that I had a great wife so I'm glad they didn't video me.

Hope everyone stays safe and can recover anything they lost or got damages. My area didn't get hard like the originally predicted.

Benjamin Pendleton
Northeast N.C.
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Re: North Carolina and South Carolina Guys: please check in In reply to
We have not been home since Flo struck. We left on the Tuesday before and went to our place in the Pocono Mtns in Pennsylvania. We had never had water come up to the house before this. We live on a canal off the Neuse River about5 miles south of down town New Bern.
Water came into our garage but luckily did not reach the first floor. We don?t know yet if two cars that were in the driveway are toast. My wife?s and my granddaughters were left out.......the garage was full of more important things....two duck boats.
Did lose a dinghy, I had filled it with water so it would not blow away, never thought water would come up high enough to float it away. It is now across the street against a neighbors house. Area is a mess. Neighbors trawler is now on his back yard. Boats sunk or on the land all over. My sailboat behaved well, went up 12 feet and back down without insodent. Many of my neighbors had their houses flooded.
I?ll try to return of Tuesday. Flooded roads might cause problems. Downed trees are removed but streams overflowing their banks must have time to go down.
Thanks to all for prayers and thoughts.