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Re: 2019 NE Zone Goose season

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Re: 2019 NE Zone Goose season
 Interesting task force meeting about our AP birds & Mallards. Most know it was a brutal breeding season up in Hudson bay region leading to the reduction in the duration of the season and take. Over the years the question of the Sept Resident season interfering with the AP migration and the possibility of too many of these birds being taken in the early season.Here in the North country of New York we see AP birds about the 3rd week in Sept , the Fall season opens this year on the 10/26, about a month for the birds to pass through .3000 birds are banded each year. over a 10 year period a total of(banded that year) 12 banded birds were reported being taken in the resident season. The earliest occurring on the 19th of Sept. We take the majority of our AP's late October and early to mid November with declining numbers into December.

The Mallard survey was even more informative. 67% of the Mallards taken in NY are from Ny broods . Yes we do shoot Mallards coming down from Canada but the large number of greenheads we see late are more from the effect of consolidation.

I am not a Biologist, or a State employee, just a Task force member passing along what has been shared and will be shared with the public in the near future. Hopefully we see an early productive breeding season this spring.

The task force for each zone will continue to meet each year

Proposed NE Zone Goose season 10/26-11/15,11/23-12/01

Proposed Brant 10/5-11/03

Proposed Youth hunt 9/21,9/22
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