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Over 357 Wood Duck Boxes

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Over 357 Wood Duck Boxes
As you all know by now from reading my post. I have been working with my club and others to put out wood duck boxes. Over the years we have built them , bought them , and had a bunch donated to us. It took the hard work of many. But we seem to come through almost every year for the past 37 years. I had to do lots of talking and even begging some times to come up with the money. But it all worked out for the betterment of the Wood Duck and all that loves nature. Young and old boys and girls have all helped over the years. We have had youngsters that were only 3 or 4 help and old timers that were in their mid 80's out there. Its different every year and its hard getting help sometimes. But we seem to find away. Everyone want to take credit for it . Even the ones that never do a dang thing. But that never worried me because. If they take credit for not helping. I know deep down inside they wished they did help. Thank you all for the nice words. You all put back! and you all care about what you love. Doesn't get much better then that.Laugh
anthony sr