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When I was young

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When I was young
When I was a young man in the duck hunting world. All I ever cared about was the number of ducks in the boat. I'm pretty sure that many people thought the same way. I am not ashamed of that at all ! or will I ever be. I think that its that reason why over the last forty years . I have been doing my best to always put back and try to help the ducks and wetlands. I have been part of a little club that I run now for more then thirty years. We have built hundreds of wood duck boxes over the years. And got hundreds of more from the state and other groups. Its a far guess that we have placed more then a thousand boxes over the years. We have also planted tens of thousands of seeds and thousands of plants up and down the Hudson River Valley. I guess what I'm trying to say is. That the early love for waterfowl in my life. Lead me to the caring older fart I am today. I still love everything about hunting. I still love the sites and sounds of it all. But I do love watching them much more these days. Ducks in the boat doesn't mean that much to me anymore. But the ones we take we eat and we enjoy them. Spending times with my sons and friends hunting mean much more to me these days. When ducks are in your blood,they never leave you. And the best part is ! you never leave them.

anthony sr