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tuna fisherman in a duck boat

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tuna fisherman in a duck boat
well this surprised me
saturday, fishing off manasquan NJ, I was 18 miles off shore in a 42 ft,
here comes this boat , looked like a black spec trolling inshore from the east, when it was closer

yup , a guy in a 19 ft bankes, trolling tuna, he had two rods out, looked like he was by himself, trolling inshore from the mud hole
halfway between the shark river reef and little italy

hope you had good day, made it back safely, long way to go in a duck boat, I've been stuck in some pretty hairy weather with my 17 freedom
never thought of taking it tuna fishing
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Re: tuna fisherman in a duck boat In reply to
That's pretty cool.

I used to take a BBSB redfishing and snook fishing around Jacksonville. First trip was an exciting adventure on Nassau Sound. Certainly not like trolling for tuna though

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Re: tuna fisherman in a duck boat In reply to
About 20 years ago, we were 16 miles out in the Gulf on a flat calm morning, no chop, ust little breeze ripples on very long rollers.
Anchored up, fishing a public reef, when up pulls a 19' fiberglass bass boat. Yep, low sided, no gunnels, flat as a pancake bass boat with a 150 on the back. dual console, each guys drops a line over from their seats. We didn't stay long, pulled up and ran a little farther out to another spot.

Fast forward about 1pm, we are heading in and we get about 6 miles out and the sky over the inlet is black, huge sea-breeze thunderstorms building over the beaches.
We hit a cold gust front right about then and it goes from calm to straight-in-the face 20 mph+ north wind and a 3-5' chop with a period of about 1 second.
We are in a deep 20' CC, running about 8-10 knots, just plodding our way into it. Taking a few over the bow now & then but we're good, cockpit is self bailing and she's a good sturdy boat.
About 3 miles out, guess who we pass, doing what looked like wheelies in their bass boat, getting pounded to shit???
I guess they made it in, weren't in the new the next day.

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Re: tuna fisherman in a duck boat In reply to
We should start an entire section of the site--people doing dumb things in boats. But no fair telling about all the things we saw other people doing until we fess up to the dumb things in our own boating histories.

When I was a kid and did something dumb and got chewed out by my parents, my grandfather would take me aside and say, "You know your parents are right, but the way we learn to make good decisions is by making bad ones and surviving anyway. Don't do that again."

Then again, in his 50's, he was still running a 16' Chris Craft from Portsmouth NH out to the Isles of Shoals with his grandkids along for the ride . . . so maybe not the best role model. LOL!

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Re: tuna fisherman in a duck boat In reply to
It was a member who is a licensed captain. If there ever was a day you were going to do it last Saturday would have been one. Flat as a lake most of the day.

Of course I used to run my 23 regulator with a single 100 miles off so I'm not one to talk.
Coastal NJ
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Re: tuna fisherman in a duck boat In reply to
At least it wasn't his 14 high boat....Wink
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