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Higbee/Hilliard Pond Box- sold

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Higbee/Hilliard Pond Box- sold
Selling to finance new duckboat purchase! So help me out!

This is an all fiberglass pondbox. I always knew these as Higbee Pondboxes, but Pete Hilliard at Tuckerton told me his father designed it, and Higbee made a bunch. I modified this to make it a much better craft IMHO. I used it primarily as a decoy sled, and in it's original configuration it was bow heavy, as the decking extended nearly half way from the stern. I opened the cockpit, lengthened the canvas to fully cover the cockpit, added a drain plug, and handles. Now you can load your decoys, slide it in the bed of the truck and 2 guys can carry it all to the waters edge. Tows at speed now as the ballast can now be adjusted and get it stern heavy.

$600 OBRO

Here is how it looked originally.

Here a are a few pics of the conversion, Brian Garman is the camo artist!

Dave Diefenderfer
Manassas, VA

"Once you set out to build a boat, throw away your square. And if you work on her after she's launched, throw away your level." author unknown

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