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Sea Dory 10 Conversion

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Sea Dory 10 Conversion
Well over 10 years ago I found this at the local "dump". Something about it caught my eye and spoke duck to me, so home it came. I started to work on it by cutting out the center seat about a week after I found it. That night a client called and asked if I wanted to designbuild a new custom home and barn, yes please. So on hold it went on saw horses behind the barn.

I'm now retired so time to see what it will become. At just shy of 10' and a beam of 47"+ the bow rises up12" from the keel and the transom 17". As you can see in photos it was designed as a R.I.B but no sign of the tubes were in the dumpster and that was not my vision. This will be my 11th homebuilt ducker and am thinking layout/sneak boat for me and my Chesapeake pup, Buddy.

I've been staring at it, comparing it and generally dreaming for way to long. Made a quick form and patched the bow, ground the seams down from the center seat, cut back the tabs around the stern for the flotation tubes and generally got it ready to do some layup work.

I'm thinking of starting by adding a piece of plywood to the back of the transom, run some strings to the bow where I want the new gunwales to be then laminating some 1/4" plywood(maybe stitch & glue) in place. 28" x 60" "cockpit" even with the top of transom. Slightly crowned bow but flat enough for the dog and I to step on.

I'm sure it will change as I go.

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Please post photos along the way. I look forward to seeing what you turn this relic into.
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Good morning, R. A. ~

Interesting project!

I'm guessing R.I.B. means rigid inflatable boat? Never seen such a hull (without the tubes) before.

Looks like your vessel - especially if made as a layout - will have lots in common with my 2-man "scooter" White-Wing. Here's how I approached it:

I look forward to your progress,


Steven Jay Sanford
Pencil Brook Farm
South Cambridge, NY