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Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed

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Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed
I just got my membership renewal email, and they state that this year?s ?gift? is a mini mallard decoy carved by Jett Brunet, celebrating the 20th Anniversary ..and they picture the exact same one that they gave out last year for the 20th Anniversary! How can you have 2 consecutive 20th anniversaries????!
I have been collecting the entire collection (see below).
This is a pretty poor give out the same ?gift? as last year. I know there?s more to the membership than the so-called free gifts, but if they want you to realize some level of value/appreciation for this gift, they definitely could?ve done better than recycling last year?s.

Canvasback ? 1999
Wood Duck ? 2000
Black Duck ? 2001
Mallard - 2002
Pintail - 2003
Scaup ? 2004
Greenwing Teal ? 2005
Cinnamon Teal ? 2006
Bluewing Teal ? 2007
American Wigeon ? 2008
Hooded Merganser ? 2009
Goldeneye ? 2010
Harlequin ? 2011
Redhead ? 2012
Ruddy ? 2013
Gadwall - 2014
Red-breasted Merganser ? 2015
Bufflehead ? 2016
Northern Shoveler ? 2017
Mallard Decoy ? 20th Anniversary - 2018
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Re: Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed In reply to
You can always return it with a note suggesting they made a mistake!AngelicBlushSly
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Re: Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed In reply to
I have been a member of DU for YEARS. I have a lot of those mini decoys.

But I gotta say last year's DU Migration reports were, how should I say this nicely...BS, and yes, disappointing.
As a retired waterfowler I spend a lot of time in the Straits of Mackinac hunting ducks, crossing the Mighty Mac often or spending time in the St. Mary's River System for weeks over the season. I lost confidence in DU and their reports when the report stated that divers were amassing at the bridge. Nope it wasn't happening or did it happen much all through Nov 15.

So did they just rely on past year's timeline to make the report? At any rate I lost confidence in DU reporting.
Thanks for letting me vent.
I hope to take it out on some ducks Sept. 28.
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Re: Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed In reply to
 I got disappointed years ago with the cheap decoys and prints at the three chapters we went to. The locak chapter went outside DU a got canoes, ships models, local carved birds and even lingerie, some camo.
Hate going to the next dinner and seeing the same catalog stuff or recycled DU items. Think DU has to reinvent the auctions...
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Re: Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed In reply to
I was disappointed too, but I?ll regift it for another young duck hunter

Proud to be a DHBP Member Cool
Shoot them in the lips!
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Re: Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed In reply to
I let my DU and Delta memberships lapse a number of years ago. Instead I purchase extra Federal Duck Stamps every year. I came to the conclusion that results in more of my dollars going to maintain waterfowl populations than either of the above. I have no complaints with either of the organizations publications, etc., and always figured my base membership fee barely covered the stuff they mailed me. Made more sense to me to spend about the same amount of money on Fed Stamps and expect nothing in return other than all my money going to conservation.

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Re: Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed In reply to
I just wish all the organizations would push more for trapping nest predators in nesting grounds.
South Jersey
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Re: Ducks Unlimited ?gift? - disappointed In reply to
Belonging to DU, and volunteering for DU (or Delta) are two different things.

Federal Duck Stamps do a world of good for habitat and conservation.

They do not recruit new waterfowlers, or those unaware in what we love.

Our local DU chapter participated in Youth Day, at a local gun club today.

We were chock full of very interested young people, girls and boys. Many from hunting family backgrounds, others from none hunting families.

I had the privilege of carving a decoy while fielding questions, and having wonderful conversations with the young folks and their parents.

That is the one on one interaction that I believe brings new people into our waterfowling community.

We NEED both Delta and DU, along with the Federal Duck Stamp if we want to survive and prosper.

Choosing just one to do the job of all three does not cut it.

Without engaging those unaware of our community (many of them outdoors people), and rich North American history. We trust that someone else will do it, or some $$$$$$$$$$ spent will.

That ain't gonna happen.

Without the support of the none waterfowling community we are toast. We ALL require clean fresh water to live.

As experienced waterfowlers, we all have a wealth of waterfowl knowledge. We need to share it with as many folks as possible.

As trite as it is. The Future IS In Our Hands.

I collect decoys and minis, so I understand your frustration.

Like George wrote, let DU know, and see what happens.

just my 2 cents

"Art does not reproduce what is visible - but makes things visible." ~ Paul Klee, artist, 1920