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2nd Annual Mini Decoy Swap

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2nd Annual Mini Decoy Swap
I am a day late but here it is guys. Hope some of y'all have been preparing and take this opportunity to build your skills and share in the fun of sending and receiving birds from carvers across the country.

Decoy mini swap

Dates: November 3rd - December 8th
Ship by December 15th

The rules:
  1. must be carved out of normal decoy material (wood, cork, foam, wire/canvas, etc....)
  2. Bird can be in a swimming or standing pose and can be in a regional style (crab pot buoy, Currituck style, bobtail, etc...)
  3. Must be no longer than 4? in any direction (excluding bases/mounts)
  4. Can be any waterfowl or shorebird
  5. Can only post completed birds that you carved unless posting for someone who is not computer savvy

How it works:
  1. Anyone can post as many birds as they want once the swap starts until the end date.
  2. Once you post a completed bird that earns you a ?swap ticket?
  3. At the time of the deadline I will take all the names and put them in a hat and draw names and specific bird posted in pairs
  4. I will post the listings on the thread and those people send their birds to each other
  5. So if you enter multiple birds you will swap with multiple people

This a fun way to get us motivated to carve something different and to gift and receive birds from friends across the country.

Everyone is welcomed to join no matter what skill level you are (believe me the first few I did were terrible) so no judgement

Try to ship them by the 15th so the people receive them by Christmas.

Benjamin Pendleton
Northeast N.C.
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Re: 2nd Annual Mini Decoy Swap In reply to
I am in for 2! Might be up for another, but committed for 2 right now!

This might become one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

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Re: 2nd Annual Mini Decoy Swap In reply to
Here are two for the swap, first time trying a Woodduck mini
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Re: 2nd Annual Mini Decoy Swap In reply to
Snow goose. White pine & acrylics.
Tony Banks
Prince George, VA