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Roomier Roofs for TDB

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Roomier Roofs for TDB
Now available: Custom ?Push Back? roofs for TDB?s that offer headroom for comfortable sitting and shooting. The roof flips back when you stand to shoot.

I treasure my TDB Classic but I found the standard rain roof confining ?- not enough headroom. But hunting without the roof exposed me to high-flying ducks.

So my wife, working with key elements of carver Bob Furia?s design, sewed me something better. It employs 3/4 inch PVC struts and braces and heavy fabric hinges that attach to the TDB blind. Other features: sewn grassing loops and side flaps. It folds or comes apart for transport. Set up time is about three minutes.

Available in brown poly PVC-backed nylon. (The type of material typically used in decoy bags) or waterproof camo.

$150 plus shipping.

Inquiries to Irene Ureneck

The roof pictured was made for a Wisconsin hunter.