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Portable gas tanks?

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Portable gas tanks?
greetings to all!
I have a 9 gallon plastic portable tank I use with my 90HP Honda.
it has a vented cap - but it likes to swell anyways.
(think it's a Sceptor brand)
does anyone know of a metal portable tank?
assume these days it would be aluminum?
I'd want to get 9 or 12 gallon.
any help is appreciated!
thank you!
Bruce Ludwig
Erie, PA
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Don't know about portable metal tanks that size, but check the vent to make sure it's not clogged, a vented tank shouldn't swell.
The newer style tanks won't vent due to new anti pollution regs, ...If it was bothering me, I'd install a tank vent, or crack the fill cap when not in use.