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Addendum to previous lathe review

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Addendum to previous lathe review
To anyone interested,

I wanted to install an hour meter for my new lathe. As I was opening the lathe's electrical control/ junction box, a small machine screw and two nylon bushings fell out. Upon further inspection I found a matching screw stuck to the inside surface of the plate I had just removed. When I sat "stuck to the surface of the plate" I mean the loose screw had bounced around until it caused a short between the circuit board and the grounding plate. The electrical arc flash had "spot welded" the loose screw to the plate.

Remember I had mentioned the GFI tripping out? Yep, this loose bouncing screw was the culprit. Once it had, all by chance, arc welded itself down to the plate, everything was kosher as far as the GFI was concerned.

It was a simple matter to reinstall the two loose screws and their associated bushings with some thread locker to prevent a reoccurrence. I'm just fortunate the momentary "grounding short" did not cause any harm to the circuitry of the inverter unit built into this lathe.

Beyond that, it was a simple matter to tap in where required to install an hour meter. I hope to start cutting some steel tubing to length, to build a permanent stand and work station for the lathe, next week.

Take care, Huntindave McCann Smile SHELL ROCK IA. ,,,,,, "As sailors grow older, the wiser ones move to smaller boats." Thomas Firth Jones, Multihull Voyaging