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Sneakbox - project boat

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Sneakbox - project boat

I am helping a good friend - Mike Fishman - move this vessel along as he settles his mother's estate. Mike and I built this boat together in the early 90s. Mike has moved around - now in the Finger Lakes of NYS - and the boat has sat behind his Mom's house in Brookhaven (Suffolk County, LI, NY) for about 25 years now.

I have not inspected the rig but Mike says she has sound "bones". We had converted a small 'glass sailboat, framing it, decking it over, adding coamings, rub rails, thatch rails, a motor board and a spray dodger. I have some "in-use" photos somewhere - will scan them and add them if I can find them.

She's not as rough as she first appears:

She is about 13' LOA X 5' Beam - and very seaworthy. The plywood decks were 'glassed over - probably with polyester resin back then.

She is a displacement hull - so not fast. Mike pushed her with an Evinrude 9.5.

The motor board is treated 2x10 - and no doubt warrants careful scrutiny after all this time.

Note the pipe stanchions for oarlocks.

Mike has not had the time to go through her. The hoop for the dodger, the backrest and floorboards (Cedar) are probably sound. The bulkheads and inwales would need careful inspection. She clearly needs new coamings and thatch rails - and new canvas.

The trailer is sound. Bearing Buddies have kept the axles in good shape but the tire - though holding air - are about a quarter century old. Mike has a new set of lights but has not installed them

Mike has papers for both the boat and the trailer.

Were my travel not constrained by Covid, I would haul her up here and get her back in shape....

The Sneakbox is FREE. Mike wants $350 for the trailer - and would prefer to move both as a package. Both are in Brookhaven.

e-mail me at or call/text Mike Fishman at 315-456-8731

All the best,


Steven Jay Sanford
Pencil Brook Farm
South Cambridge, NY