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Post deleted by Derek Bendell

Post deleted by Derek Bendell
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Re: LLBean Blacks(ID help would be nice.) In reply to

Your birds are LL Bean's Deluxe Oversize Black Ducks.

In this photo, the 2 birds in the rear are Beans Coastals - the commoner model - and the 3 in the foreground are Deluxe Oversize. All have Sanford paint jobs.

I do not know when Deluxe Oversize were offered - but I would guess 1960s or 70s. You might try sending an inquiry to Dale Dalrymple at Dale's Decoy Den. He is an expert on Bean's decoys - and might even be interested in yours - as they are original paint in good condition.

Hope this helps,


Steven Jay Sanford
Pencil Brook Farm
South Cambridge, NY