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G. Sollie Helder Susquehanna Sneakboat Project - new home found

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G. Sollie Helder Susquehanna Sneakboat Project - new home found
I received this boat from the son (in his 70s), it was his father's boat who passed in the 1990s. It was built by G. Sollie Helder, in the Wrightsville, PA area, and hunted at Long Level on the Susquehanna River. I first made contact with Rick Sitler in 2016 when I bought an eBay watercolor print.

The print is of a watercolor of this hull and his father putting the sneak on ducks with Turkey Hill (dairy/ice cream) in the background.

After I bought the print, we struck up a conversation, that lead to me bringing my Rollboat to him and another gentleman to see if they might have a guess at it's builder. I showed them my build books from the Sam Hunt BBSB and Dodge and Krowl Scooter. After I left, he searched for his dad's old boat and arranged for it to be handed off to me to save it. I had hopes/plans, but I just don't have the bandwidth.

She needs a complete restoration, or a detailed measurement for the lines. I have kept it dry since I got it in Feb of 2017. If anyone would like to have it, we can work out a hand-off.

Dave Diefenderfer
Manassas, VA

"Once you set out to build a boat, throw away your square. And if you work on her after she's launched, throw away your level." author unknown

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