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Layout boats.

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I have hunted twice out of the Bankes pumpkin seed, also a UFO and I have a MLB. I liked the Bankes for when I dealt with chop in the bay. I didn't get as wet in that one.
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Phil Nowack wrote:

This is the Layout Addictions Title II. Quite enjoyable to hunt out of. It is made of Aluminum.. 125# they say... I have seen pictures on the scale without paint and splash guard at 118#. It is lighter than my MLB Classic was.

How do you compare this to Bankes pumpskin seed? Like how the back profile is so low.
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Re: Layout boats. In reply to
I have a Core Sound X1 one man layout. It weighs in at about 105#. It is super stable and dry. I personally feel it is much more comfortable than a pumpkin seed. Plus Terry who builds them is great to deal with.

Gunning from the FOWL HOOKED