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Operation ACE
While we finally got to clean up our Duck Camp. About ten days ago after we had a giant snow storm(more then two feet). Then a heavy rain and then a melt down and heat wave here in Hudson Valley. The River flooded the camp and brought in everything that goes with a flood. In over forty years I only seen it this bad one time. And that was with ice about twenty or so years ago. Trees the size of red woods, not really but you get my point. You couldn't even move around at the site there was so much stuff. My sons dog got cut pretty bad a week before and had to get a operation to remove a big piece of drift wood from his foot. The dogs name is Ace, I know I had to do something to clean this site up even a little bit. So I launch operation Ace. There was know way we could lift these trees and even cut some of them with what saws we had. So I got a idea from a friend of mine and brought in snow plows to push everything around. The night before we got like four inches of snow and I thought this could work in our favor. The temp was like two degrees at night. So I was hoping most of the small stuff would have stuck to the snow. Well it did and clean up went great . The guys got tons of fire wood and got feed really well also. But the best part of the story is the river was open in front of the camp and the hundreds of different ducks and geese were great to see. Every kind of duck you can think of in the Northeast was there. Raft after raft of geese it was unreal. There were a few younger guys there. You know the ones that bust us old timers butt. They say there isn't any duck or geese. Or the sky can't get black with with birds. Well guess what they are not saying that anymore. We might not see these kind of flocks during our Duck season but sure as God made them. They are out there some where hunting season. And it was just great to see that many birds. My son dog ace is heeling great. And I am thank for that. And I did learn something great over this. Its easier to get help when a dog gets hurt. Duck hunters sure love their dogs. And I told everyone the day I called them for help. This could of been your dog getting hurt. It must of rang a bell in their heads.
anthony sr
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