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Snow goose decoy heads

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Snow goose decoy heads
 My gunning partner had some 72 bodies laying around and had some wood snow goose heads and put em together. They actually make a damn good looking floaters. Does anyone make a goose head that?s not too big for a 72 size foam body?

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joe citrano: Feb 21, 2021, 3:34 PM
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Good morning, Joe~

I'm not sure....

I carved the master for the Homer Snow Goose heads - which were made to go on their "small goose" bodies. Those bodies are more comparable to a Herter's Model 81 than a Herter's Model 72. You might want to try one and see how it looks.''

Here it is on the Homer body - and painted as a Blue.

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Steven Jay Sanford
Pencil Brook Farm
South Cambridge, NY