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Restle Decoys
Hi Guys.
I have some old Restle decoys that I hunt and love.
I have the chance of buying some damaged ones from someone local in the community.
I want to rehab these birds but I am trying to come up with a fair price for decoys with no head and no keel?

I am selling a NOS pair of Wigeon on auction site now because some collector should have it rather than me hunting them.
I am
A Hunter and not a collector of Restles.
I am a collector of Delaware style decoys.

I really dig The Restle shape.
I have 4 Magnum Blacks I love and hunt.
These will be getting a rehab this off season.
I have a dozen standard sized Restle decoys
I think my friend has a mini body. I love that Mini Body, but I might need a head.
I might need to make some keels as well unless someone here has a good lead on that.
Thank for listening.