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Rare Jim Schmiedlin Goose at Auction

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Rare Jim Schmiedlin Goose at Auction
This past weekend, Copley Auctions (Massachusetts) held an online decoy auction with a Schmiedlin goose as one of their lot offerings. Jim only made 4 Canadian geese, one is held by the Schmiedlin family, a second sold at auction in 2012 for 24K, fourth one-whereabouts unknown. The underside retains several pencilled in notes of the decoys gunning history from 1996-2008. Jim passed away in 2015.

Sold for $50,000. Add 23% commission of $11,500 = $61,500 !

Ken Zaborski

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Re: Rare Jim Schmiedlin Goose at Auction In reply to
Wow....and that bird is amazing!!
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Re: Rare Jim Schmiedlin Goose at Auction In reply to
The Best, by the Best, and the "antique dealers" are whining. Not a shelf bird, but a Gunning Decoy, and it's the REAL Thing.

The prices for his DECOYS will increase, and I'm smiling from ear to ear.

Cuz he's looking down at the world, and is happy.

Know it or not, appreciate his work or not.

Jim IS the point man for ALL contemporary Carvers & Makers.

I knew the man very well.

It was always about the decoys, and the folks that make them, not the "experts" to decide.

Decoys are being appreciated by more folks than ever before, and there are more carvers and makers than ever before.

The future is bright for carvers and makers of gunning decoys.

Some do not like that.

As my wonderful Aunt Grace would say. TS. Tuff Shit!!

my 2 cents

"Art does not reproduce what is visible - but makes things visible." ~ Paul Klee, artist, 1920