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Tod's fault

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Other than too many people in some places and our idiot of a governor its really not As bad as you think.
Well, except maybe the pythons. They are as as you think

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The scourge of FL is quite possibly year round mosquitoes. I would really enjoy some cold weather if it meant the mosquitoes were lessened....

Cuban tree frogs are pretty bad too. Haven't seen a native tree frog in central FL in YEARS, maybe even over a decade...the cuban tree frogs are BIG and eat other tree frogs. I do not wish to see them make it to North FL though if we continue to have mild winters, they will eventually make their way north.
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Thanks John!

How much of the cerealu grain crop has been damaged by grasshoppers? Trying to gauge whether field hunts would be an offset for the lack of slough water.

Isn't most of that Cannonball Company leased land? One of the guys I used to work in Merck with was from just outside Dickinson. Hunted late season there several times and was impressed by the birds hanging tight in the cattail slough edges, but saw a ton of Cannonball Co. leased land. We opened the season for two years on a ranch tucked in a valley outside Mandan along the Heart River, amazing sight to see twenty-some birds lift-off on the report after a shot. I dropped two birds in the Heart that Cooper did a good job retrieving prior them nearly disappearing as tjhecurrenttook them.

Greater sandhills should be moving through the state now, too. NoDak Fish and Game tries to allow most of them through prior the opener, with most of the bag composed of lessers.

Yes, I am itching for fall to get fully here! We should be starting to see non-mating giant canadas showing up from Southern Ontario about now.

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No deer but going back for 7 days. I packed in for 3 days. Quite the experience, was great.
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The Cannonball Co. does indeed lease lots of land, and hosts lots of hunters. Still if you willing to drive and walk far, there are many places open to hunt. We never paid a dime to hunt anywhere.

We stayed in a private residence of the folks that owned the Bird House, where hunters would bring their birds to process and freeze. Have many a good memory of get togethers after the hunt at the Cannonball Saloon. Ya never knew who would walk thru the door, Richard Petty and other folks well known, and not so well known. We were all there for the same reason. Birds.


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Dani, thanks for this info. We do plan to hunt quite a distance from Sidney and will probably include the Circle area. I will be sure to take lots of photos and post some of the best ones with a post-trip report here.

Thanks again,