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Not duck related

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Not duck related
I caught a number of Bluegills the other day. Cleaned most of them for supper. I kept back a few of the smallest Bluegill to use for bait on my diddy poles. This morning, I was rewarded with a 5lb 8ounce Catfish. Life is good!

One meal is in the fridge and these two meals are headed to friends.

Take care, Huntindave McCann Smile SHELL ROCK IA. ,,,,,, "As sailors grow older, the wiser ones move to smaller boats." Thomas Firth Jones, Multihull Voyaging

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Huntindave McCann: Sep 10, 2021, 9:39 AM
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Niiiiiiice catfish!!!

Sounds like fun
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Ya did Good!

Life IS Good.

Yum - Yum

Bluegills & Crappie Bass are at the top of my Food Fish list.

Fly rod and a black popper have been workin' very well for BG's & LM Bass.

Fish are "lardin' up". Fall is here.


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Very nice!!
No bluegill pics???

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