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Backyard puppy fun

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Backyard puppy fun
I haven't been doing enough of this with her. Should be a twice or thrice daily thing.
She's not quite ready for geese yet.

Got a limit this morning.
First one came in on a string. Second group took all the finesse I could muster from my call, to get them to commit.

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Huntindave McCann: Oct 5, 2021, 3:56 PM
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Dave, your pup is looking good. Keep up with those practice programs. They don't need to be too long but keep her going.

Congratulations on that wonderful hunt. Nothing quite like having a bluewing between two Canadas.
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Re: Backyard puppy fun In reply to
Thanks, yes she really learns quickly. In my truck, the back of the front seat has a drop down for a console/arm rest.
Her first several rides were with that in the up position and that allowed her to cuddle right up to me.
Now that i have it in the down position, she had to learn that the passenger side was, her side.
It did take a couple trips for her to give up cuddling. Even if I squeezed in right on top of her.
Now she will move to her side when told and sometimes when I open the door to get back in.

Take care, Huntindave McCann Smile SHELL ROCK IA. ,,,,,, "As sailors grow older, the wiser ones move to smaller boats." Thomas Firth Jones, Multihull Voyaging