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what a week, first ducks and now grouse.

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Re: what a week, first ducks and now grouse. In reply to
Dani wrote:
tod osier wrote:

You have transferrable skills - MOVE while you are still youngish!!! I'm starting to feel really like I'm ready for a move, like really ready. Like starting to pack ready.

Well, I do keep an eye out for locations that are looking to hire folk who do what I do and where it makes financial sense to move (hate to move and not be able to travel to hunt). Sadly, it's a very specialized area I work in....BUT I keep an eye out frequently for places looking to hire.....

Have you decided where y'all will move?

I figured you would be keeping an eye out for a job in a better hunting location. Yes, we have a location and even a realtor, but I don't want to spot burn, lll send a pm.

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tod osier: Oct 21, 2021, 7:19 AM