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Do you carve Shorebirds? MARCH 5 LIDCA SHOW in Hauppauge, Long Island

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Do you carve Shorebirds? MARCH 5 LIDCA SHOW in Hauppauge, Long Island
Good morning, All~

The Covid epidemic has made planning just about anything quite challenging over the past couple of years. The last Annual Show of the Long Island Decoys Collectors Association was just before Covid went wild. The Show was March 7, 2020. There have been few decoy shows anywhere since then. We are planning for a show on March 5, 2022 - but Omicron may force a different outcome.

We have been planning for 2 years now. The special exhibit - which Craig Kessler and I organize each year - will focus on Shorebirds. The title of our display is:


Hunting Shorebirds along the South Shore of Long Island

Most of the display will feature antique decoys from collections of the LIDCA members. However, we will also provide an opportunity for contemporary carvers to show (up to 5 birds per carver) shorebirds they have carved - long after shorebird gunning has been legal in the US.

We are looking for true shorebird species commonly hunted on Long Island, so: numerous sandpipers, plovers. curlews, willet, turnstone, dowitcher, godwits (but not skimmers, oystercatchers, terns, gulls or herons, for example).

If you would like to show a bird or birds - it does not matter when you carved them - just send me an e-mail.

There's just several weeks now before the Show - but plenty of good "shop weather" to make a bird or two.

BTW: Tattler = Yellowlegs, Robin Snipe = Red Knot (and maybe Dowitchers), Beetlehead = Black-bellied Plover

If the Show is post-poned again, I will let everyone know ASAP.

All the best,


Steven Jay Sanford
Pencil Brook Farm
South Cambridge, NY

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Steve Sanford: Jan 15, 2022, 4:55 AM
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Re: Do you carve Shorebirds? MARCH 5 LIDCA SHOW in Hauppauge, Long Island In reply to

I made an attempt at carving one shorebird long ago. I do have a couple carved by Bill Walker who hails from the great lakes region. He would always donate a couple to our local Ducks Unlimited banquet. Met him at the Pointe Mouillee waterfowl festival in Rockwood Michigan. Have you ever heard of him?