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Shotgun recomendations

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From a parts POV, you may want to look at which parts you want to replace and go ahead and order those now. Hopefully they will be in stock and ship now and you can set them aside for when you are ready to work on the gun. Finding some parts for some guns has been difficult and may have you waiting a long time to get parts. So you might be a little proactive and go ahead and get the parts you can.....

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Neal Haarberg wrote:
So after 26 years of service I think its time to retire my old 870 special purpose that my dad got me when I graduated high school. Its down to the bare steel so bad that rust is a constant problem that I am facing now. I have considered jsut hitting with rustoleum and calling it good, but it's time for something new. I am thinking about going to a semi auto and know nothing about them. never paid attention because my trusty 870 did the job. Most guys I hunt with have Bennelli's. I freelance hunt in the Pacific NW so that means I am not in a nice blind and often in the mud and saltwater at times.The gun needs to be able to take some abuse. Rarely does it get below freezing but I have hunted in 15F so cold can be an issue but it will always get wet. Other than being reliable in the field I would like to know your thoughts on ease of cleaning and the different finishes that are available now and how well they wear. I am hard on my equipment and I want whatever I get to last another 25 years, Thanks in advance for all the input.

Three years ago I bought an older Beretta Extrema 2. As much as I hate to say it I abuse my guns. Tidal flats, mud, salt water, rain, dirt. I like it so much and it worked so well I bought a second one as a back up. Even with 3 inch shells the recoil is very comparable to my 20 gauge Beretta. It is a heavier gun, but if you don't plan on doing a lot of walking it's not an issue. The original gun I bought had a vinyl camo wrap placed on my previous owner. Believe it or not it has held up amazingly well and there is no rust issues underneath.

The second one I bought I had Cera coated. It's a very nice coating and seems like it is impervious to everything


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Like Tod i have an original HK sbe1, although i have mine cerakoted flat dark earth. I've never wanted much more, but last year someone listed a brand new franchi affinity 3 optifade 20ga with factory cerakote for less than half what they sell for. I picked it up "for my kid", and it was the only thing i shot all year.