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Odd Bag Today
This morning's bag--one 18 pound Canada goose and one very young greenwing teal. Not my usual hunt in the home pond wood duck hole.

After missing two chances at wood ducks that strafed the decoys but did not set down, my first bird of day came when a big group of geese got up about 75 yards to my right and flew out right past my blind. They were out of sight behind some brush, and I had somehow not disturbed them paddling in and setting out 11 puddle duck decoys.

There were about 4 honks, and then the entire group lifted up and flew past me in range.

I dropped one with a single shot, and while standing up watching and thinking about getting the canoe for the retrieve, a pair of teal made a touch and go in my four teal decoys and I dropped one of the pair on their way back out.

Three cheers for BOSS bismuth in 2 3/4" #5's. Didn't tear up the teal at all, and knocked down the goose just fine--not that I'd have chosen that load if I'd expected geese.

Also had the season's first flights of ring necks, though none came near my set up. I love hearing those things zoom around like little fighter jet squadrons!

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You covered the waterfowl weight range with those two!!

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An 18 pounder! That should be good for Christmas or Thanksgiving. I love goose as table fare. It is so much better tasting (to me)

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