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Update for those of you involved with Michigan Duck Hunters Association:

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Update for those of you involved with Michigan Duck Hunters Association:
Update for those of you involved with Michigan Duck Hunters Association:

MDHA now has updated the merchandise they have for sale. New items were added and will continue to be added with an embroidered fleece being high on the list. For those in love with their retrievers take a look at the khaki ducks and dog ball cap. Merchandise can be purchased on the website at Any proceeds from these sales are used to improve waterfowl habitat here in Michigan. Projects are in the planning stages and in some cases just waiting for funding. Wondering what MDHA has done for you lately as a Michigan waterfowl hunter? How about this from the website:

So what's MDHA doing?
We do a lot of behind the scenes things through MDHA...for example, recently we have pitched in on helping fund some pump restoration at Nayanquing Pt. and we footed the entire bill to send the DNR staffer to the summer flyway meetings which the DNR said they could not afford to do otherwise. Macatawa Bay Chapter sent a check for $5,600 to pay for seed and herbicides for the continued operation of the Todd Farm for 2006.These are just a few examples of how Michigan money is staying and being used locally in Michigan. All MDHA money stays in Michigan. That is what's so great about it.

In addition to the merchandise inventory and sales page being improved we have streamlined our “Join MDHA” procedure online. To join or renew your membership in MDHA you can simply browse on over to and select “If You are a New Member or Renewing Member.” Select the chapter you wish to join and click on the icon to purchase your membership. Both paypal and credit card payments are accepted. For those that prefer a more traditional method of joining, the forms are available to print and mail in on the same webpage.

Do you want to be part of an active organization that makes a difference for waterfowl hunters?
We are losing waterfowl habitat at an alarming rate. Unless we, the hunters, work to save it, waterfowling will become a thing of the past. Hunters can be proud of the millions of dollars they have put toward waterfowl conservation, but now we must go further. We must oppose the factions that destroy waterfowl habitat, we must stand up against the anti-hunting groups that are a constant threat to us, and we must know our facts. We must be involved if our children are to know the thrill of a greenhead coasting into the decoys or a flock of bluebills pitching into the blocks.

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."