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One reason I don't travel..............

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One reason I don't travel..............
one the Thanksgiving holiday. I stay home and humt, took 3 woodies friday and 2 yeasterday. Still waiting for the BIG BUCK to show up on the place, but if they don't I'll shoot a small horned buck and a doe as our M.L. tags are good for either....hey, meats, meat and the freezer needs filling.

This is why I don't go to grandma's for turkey day.

All the way over the Cascade Range in bumper to bumper traffic driving on snow covered ice is not my idea of ending a Happy Holiday.

Call me a woose, but there is something about the warm wood stove going, the left-over hot turkey sandwiches with gravy and the woodies piling into the ponds that tend to keep us at home at times like this.