Readers Rigs


Claus Lind Christensen

I have three boats, which I use for duck hunting. Each of them has its own purpose.

The smallest of my boats is the "Shouting box".

I only use this boat on very low water as it is not very stable. Primarily, I use the boat together with decoys for hunting teal, wigeon and golden eye. The boat is home made. It's made of plywood and therefore the weight is very low (one man can easily carry it). It is constructed so it can lie inside the Mopa (my biggest boat), during transport.

My medium size boat (Gudenaa pram)

This boat I use on deeper water, and primarily on open water. My preferred game from this boat is Golden eye but it happens that I use it for Teal, Mallad and Wigeon as well. As the "Shouting box" I only use it with decoys.

The biggest of my boats is an MOPA

I use it for fishing, hunting and transportation to hunting places. Mostly, I use it for hunting at sea for Eider. The Mopa is perfect for that purpose. The way that I practice the hunt are that I sail to the Eider when the lay on water, and shoot when they go in the air. The Mopa is an all-round boat, but it has some limitations. For example is it only for two persons when we hunt Eiders. I have a 9.9 hp motor which's are the biggest I can use for hunting (because of the law).

About duck hunting at the sea in Denmark:

Every body who lives in Denmark can go hunting at the sea for free when the hunting license is paid (about $65 a year). The license covers all sorts of hunting also on land, but here are all hunting private so here you have to own or rent a hunting area. We have a lot of rules for hunting at sea. The most important, it is only legal to hunt form at floating boat - that give some limits! The hunting season is:

  • Surface feeding ducks (Puddles ????) - 1 September to 15 January (6 types)
  • Goose - 1 September to 15 January (5 types)
  • Divers - 1 October to 31 January + Eiders also in February (10 types)

Concerning bag limits - NO, we don't have any bag limit in Denmark!

My own homepage "Sea duck hunter site" is of course in Danish some of it is already in English and over time more will be translated - but look at the pictures they are international.