Bob Hannes

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Bob Hannes on June 26, 2005 at 9:16 p.m.:

Been waterfowling or just going with my dad for 28 years now. Have two chessies JD (retired and 11) & Bestsy (1 and in training, got her from Fox Island Kennels thanks to this site). I have my first duck boat on order, a hoefgen and am hoping it is done soon so I can get Betsy used to it before fall. Hoping to get a Lund to hunt some big water soon. I enjoy hunting with my dad, wife and soon by 6 month old son. I still use by grandfathers auto-5 for over the decoys and a Nova for goose hunting. I am thinking about starting to carve some decoys, when I find free time, but with the new dog and son it hard to find any time. Been a lurker for 5 years and finally decided to sign on. I enjoy reading everyones stories and looking at the pictures.