Kristan Sacharnoski

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Posted by Kristan Sacharnoski on June 27, 2005 at 4:47 p.m.:

I have been duck hunting for nearly 20 years in the Western Kentucky, Southern Illinious, South East Missouri, North Eastern Arkansas Region...My passion is the more open water of hunting around the confluence of the Mississip and Ohio River or just the Ohio River from Red Stone Creek in Ballard County to the upstream past Twin Sisters of Livingston County. Location, Location, or hunting the Northern Banks of Il. when the back water is out across from the Port of Paducah (river front).

The last probably decade of my hunting has evolved more into hunting big and little heavies(Broadbills for you guys/gals in the East, Bluebills for you others, and so called shitducks for your guys and gals that still hunt the other green headed trash duck, The Mallard). Just joking!!! I catch a lot of slack from friends and family about diver hunting. But wouldn't pay a dime for a seat in a concrete blind as long as the broadbills are here!!!!!

Have friended (Doc) Steve McCullough within the last three/four years of my hunting career and have had the greatest of times hunting for divers. We have evolved from my 17 foot Grumman to a specialized work boat just for diver hunting.

Have been introduced by Steve into carving and have had the luck of meeting some wonderful carvers and people; Rick Pierce, Ronnie Ladd, Bill McAdams, and Jeff King and more....

How lost I was hunting over plastic all those years! I do not have any claims of fame or fotune in the hunting world, but do have tip, open the your chokes and shot less than 20 yards...If the birds are not coming that close there is something wrong with your set-up!

Wish all a wonderful season, if your every through Paducah give me a email before you come!