Korey Zbaraschuk

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Posted by Korey Zbaraschuk on August 2, 2005 at 4:30 p.m.:

Name Korey Zbaraschuk
age 36
Occupation: Physical therapist
present location is Walla Walla Wa.

I started hunting in michigan at 29 thanks to some goods friends sharing the addiction. Since then i have managed to accumulate a few herters decoys, greenhead decoys. I hunt out of a MO Marsh Fatboy boat
I enjoy hunting puddlers mostly, and watching my lab Soby bring them back. I enjoy jumpshooting birds. since it is always a surprise kinda like X-mas, and I don't have to sit still for very long if I do not want to. Presently most of my hunting takes place near walla walla and enterprise, oregon.