Brian Locke

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Brian Locke on October 13, 2005 at 9:48 a.m.:

I've been "lurking" on this site for several years (at least 3 years), too slow-just plain dumb and didn't enter roll call! Great site, friendly posts. I'm struggling to find time to finish a coffin blind and "cut my teeth" on fiberglassing and making some fillets. Then I hope to put together a Kara, and/or a gator duckhunter. Still trying to get my dog trained, steadied, after years.... Wildlife Biologist, love duck hunting, so-so at it. 3 Kids, last one in high school, oldest goes to naval flight school in November 05. Have often wished internet and info from these guys was available when I was teen, rather than later in life. Married 28 years. The wife and family are most important, thus no boats-yet. Been giving away and throwing away junk accumulated from passing away of parents, and in-laws. So I actually have a garage again, with a little bit of space. Hope to fill it with a couple boats and a coffin blind!

Thanks for making this forum open and available.