Alan Beal

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Posted by Alan Beal on January 14, 2006 at 6:35 p.m.:

Well you can see from my email address that I do not do much snow goose hunt. But we do a far share of duck hunting since most birds that come down the east coast flyway seem to spend their winter here. I 've live here since 1985 moved here from Saudi Arabia poor hunting, I did start a DU chapter in Saudi. Came here was totally taken by the varity of waterfowl, I used to bring my DU identification book with me and when my Lab brought the bird back I then could figure out what I shoot and how many points I had left. I have gotten better but the immatures still get me.
My wife keeps telling me we should go on a vacation but how can I every month something else is in season if not early teal in Sept its archery then mussleload, tending foodplots to repainting decoys and making another generation duck boat. She is happier because the duckboats are getting smaller.
Dogs well I have had the best black Lab Bo have over 1,200 retreives, I have to really think about the last cripple that got away plain just didnot happen with Mr Bo. Got another Miss Taffy she sure wants to please you but gets confused when a great heron lands on the blind.
Looking forward to talking to you folks and keeping you abreast of the news layout boats. When I was in Saudi I did all the naval design for marine vessel that supported Oil Production, it's really fun working with wood, fiberglass, & foam instead of a Cad Cam system.
Alan Beal