Pat Gregory

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Pat Gregory on March 24, 2006 at 7:15 p.m.:

Am an avid waterfowler. Do all my waterfowling in Central Illinois. Hunt both the backwater of the Illinois River and grain fields. Am part owner of the Wing & Fearther Club, Topeka, Il.

My great grandad was an Illinois River waterfowler/decoy maker for 60 years. George "Homerun" Barto was his name. He was friends with and carved with Charlie Perdew, Robert Elliston and Bert Graves.

Am an avid waterfowler with a wonderful and understanding wife Nancy, two children, Aaron and Sarah, a 13 year old and still going strong chocolate Lab Callie. I am a die hard Remington 870 guy, carve and hunt over all my own handmade decoys and waterfowl every chance I get. Float a Fiberdome Widgeon skiff and an Old Towne Predator SS150. Also hunt snow/blue geese at Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge in the spring.

Take care, shoot straight and God bless!

Pat Gregory
Illinois Waterfowler/Decoy Maker