Scott Wood

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Scott Wood on July 03, 1999 at 17:07:44:

Though I currently reside in Norfolk, home is in
McCloud, California. Military life keeps me from
sinking my roots to deep in any one place. I'll
be moving to Groton, CT this december. I am an
avid duck hunter and have had the pleasure of doing so
for the last 24 years. There IS NO SUBSTITUTE. I hunt
out of a 16' Polar Kraft Jon with a home fabricated pop
up blind and spend quite a bit of time during the off
season working with my 2 yr old black lab and playing
the hunt test game. I've also begun to dabble in decoy
carving and have already gained a lot from this forum.
Thanks to this site, I am seriously considering a boat
project of my own in the near future.:-)