Mike Repp

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Posted by Mike Repp on August 2, 2006 at 7:09 p.m.:

Married, 48 have three children and three grandchildren who want to go hunting like grandpa. Born and raised in the upper pennisula, thats right, a yooper! Been hunting since I was old enough to hold up daddies 16 ga single shot and shot my first partridge when I was 9. Deer hunting has been my passion for years, archery and gun. Started duck hunting about 8 years ago (yep still a rookie) been hooked ever since. Started with a close friend of mine but now his boys (3) are old enough to hunt no room for me in the boat. So this year I bought my first boat, Tracker 1654 flat bottom with a Merc 9.9, which I'm getting ready for this falls hunt. Love upland game and dove hunting. Well bored you enough! Love this site!